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I've been doing web work exclusively since 1997. So if you need a new site, or an old one updating so that it displays correctly on all Phones, Tablets, Desktop PCs and Macs etc., please contact me

NB I am approaching retirement, and am only taking on small sites, as these are much easier to hand on...


PBA Services

Cash registers & weighing equipment

CPM Decorators

High end Decorating

Leadon View

A local holiday let business

Some Examples

These are just some of the local businesses that I have done
sites for.

Bredon Hill Flooring

A local industrial machinery supplier

That Picture Shop

A local picture framing shop

Pelham Planning

A planning specialist

tewkesbury cross

Production & Costs

I charge £50 for the first page and £35 per each additional page.

For any additional Photoshop Work, Logo Design etc. I charge £35 per hour

I cater to small businesses looking to establish a web presence, or those businesses wanting to create mobile friendly sites. Many older websites do not display correctly on multiple platforms or devices. Design moves in concert with technology, so some websites simply become outdated. I can fix this.

Furthermore a lot of old websites are outdated, with many unnecessary pages. As the number of sites and distractions available on the web grows, you need to get your point over quickly and effectively. Your site needs to be part of, and not the sole element of, a valid marketing strategy. We can discuss this.

Responsive Design, i.e. websites that display correctly on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones, is now vital. Everything I do is Responsive and will work cross-platform and device.

Please contact me for an initial discussion 01684 491585

tewkesbury medieval festival


I do not do client editable sites

The sites I create are all down here on earth, not in the cloud. If you want to edit your own site, you really need one of the online web site creators. Of course, you'll end up with a site that looks basically the same as every one else's, and the bit I'm interested in, the code, the bit that Google sees, will be horrific and bible length. Also you need to understand graphics if you want to use your own. Just because it looks ok doesn't mean it's right. Google is watching!


You can contact me any way that is convenient for you

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